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Information Studies - Specialized Encyclopedias

Having looked in the catalog, you know that the library is filled with specialized encyclopedias. I want you to look at and be particularly familiar with the following titles. The call numbers refer to the PAC library collection:

Pull each of these titles off the shelf and learn how they work. How does their index work? Where is it located? Does it have separate indexes for authors, titles, etc.?

Encyclopedia of World Art, N 31 E4833

Dictionary of American History, E 174 D52

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, H 40 A2 I5

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, B 41 E5

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science and Technology, Q 121 M3

McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama, PN 1625 M3

New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, ML 100 N48

Guide to American Law: Everyone's Legal Encyclopedia, KF 154 G85

Documents of American History, E 173 C66

Oxford Companion to American Literature, PS 21 H3

New Catholic Encyclopedia, BX 841 N44

International Encyclopedia of Astronomy, QB 14 I58

International Encyclopedia of Communications, P 87.5 I5

International Encyclopedia of Population, HB 849.2 I55

International Encyclopedia of Statistics, HA 17 I63

Encyclopedia of Photography, TR 9 I24

Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology, TR 9 I24

Encyclopedia of Psychology, BF 31 E52

Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology, Q 123 E497

Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening, SB 453.5 E5

Handbook of Child Psychology, BF 721 H242

Encyclopedia of Religion, BL 31 E46

Discuss any problems or oddities in OPAC usage...

ASSIGNMENT for Session 2

Due next class period. Locate the following items in the library. Write down the citation in MLA or APA style. Then note the primary uses you might make of this resource.

1. AS 22 .E5

2. DS 805 K633

3. H 40 .A2 I5

4. HF 5383 F62 (or another book with same subject heading if this is checked out)

5. RS 75 .P5

6. SF 459 .H3 P37

7. Z 1035 R26

8. BF 1 J55

9. D 410 F32

10. E 839.5 H57

11. F 394 S2 C6

12. HF 5382.5 U5 O32

13. KFT 1230.5 V4 C595 (any volume)

14. PN 771 G27 v.44

15. RC 81 A543

16. Look up your subject in a general encyclopedia -- Americana for instance -- take notes, and create a list of key terms, and bring the list to class.

17. Look up your subject in a print periodical index -- like Social Sciences Index, or Humanities Index -- take notes, narrow your subject if possible, write down a list of key terms, and bring the list to class.

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