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Indexes to Newspapers

Before we leave indexes entirely, we should look at one other sub-category of print indexes: indexes to newspapers. You already know about newspaper indexes online... NewsBank works almost exactly like ProQuest and other online indexes.

Print indexes for newspapers, however, vary somewhat in both format and appearance, so I want you to go upstairs to the Information Concourse if you are at the PAC library. If you are in another library, ask for the New York Times Index.


The index for the New York Times is particularly important because that newspaper is the only truly international newspaper published in the United States. It is also the best-known and most widely read single newspaper in the country.

For the above reasons, the PAC library has bought back issues of the New York Times on microfilm. This material constitutes a valuable historical and cultural record.

To experience the value of this record for yourself, go to the microfilm, which is organized sequentially by date, and locate the day of or the day after your birthday. Have the librarian show you how to use the microfilm reader to locate the exact day.

Locate, in 1938, articles on Adolph Hitler, Chancellor of Germany. Then pull an issue in 1943, World War II, and take a look at the articles.

Now, move to the indexes. Notice that they are organized by subject. Look up one or two of your favorite subjects. Look up your term paper subject in the most recent year of the index.

If you have any problems or questions, let me know.


Now take a look at the Wallstreet Journal Index. Note that there are two volumes for every year. Discuss why they are different and how to use them.

Locate, for 1966, legislation passed by Congress.

Locate, in 1966, articles on the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Locate, in 1983, articles on the economy in Peru.

Locate, for 1983, legislation passed by Congress.

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