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I.S.--The Value of Knowing the Library

WHY study research and library skills?

The coming information age... Information ACCESS will become critical!

One week in today's world requires more decisions than a lifetime of decisions in the 17th Century.

The fastest growing business today is computer software... What is it? It's information!

Empower Yourself!!

"Information is power."

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Power Sources in the Library:

pointing hand Consumer information: what is the best buy; how much should you pay; what brand have purchasers been happiest with; what model required the least repairs.

pointing hand What does the law say?

pointing hand What are the real facts about (whatever) ?

pointing hand Check on what a candidate says. What's their voting record?

pointing hand Where to get money for school, or starting a business.

pointing hand Learn about others with the same interest/problem/looks/name as you.

pointing hand Check on what a person has told you. (You'll never be a victim if you have enough information. People can't manipulate an informed person.)

pointing hand Learn the history of your family (genealogy).

pointing hand Learn how to tune a car, make a cage for your rabbit, train your dog, buy a house, build a house, influence people, work a computer.

pointing hand Information about a prescription, your medical condition, words your medical doctor used, how to improve your health.

pointing hand Find a good book to read: picture books and cartoons for your children, adventure, romance, and horror for you!

pointing hand Travel -- where to go, and how to get there.

pointing hand Make A's on your research papers.

pointing hand Read newspapers and magazines for free.

pointing hand Listen to music, look at art.

pointing hand Learn how to make a speech, sew, paint, write a story, raise children, cook a pie, learn another language.

pointing hand A place to study.

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Most GRADUATE students don't know how to do research. In fact, more than fifty percent of all the students who finish ALL their courses for the Ph.D. don't ever receive their degrees because they cannot get past the final step in the program: research, or finding information!!

The sad thing is that research is NOT THAT HARD! BUT, just like driving a car, you almost have to have someone show you how it's done.

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