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Information Studies - Almanacs

When you need an answer to a short question, or a statistical answer, you best source will probably be an almanac. It is often the best place to look first in trying to answer factual questions.

Almanacs, both the general and the specialized ones, are filled with useful bits of information, everything from who was the fifth president of the U.S. to the population of Zimbabwe in 1980.

Almanacs are organized through their indexes, which are usually very large, detailed, and located at the front or back of the volume.

Class Exercises

1. Look up each of the following sources. Get their call number. Find them and write down what they are for, and key things which can be found in them:

World Almanac and Book of Facts
Information Please Almanac
The Negro Almanac
Whitaker's Almanak
Texas Almanac
World Almanac of U.S. Politics
Almanac of American Politics

2. Also, take a look at these directories; list the key things found in them:

Polk's San Antonio City Directory
Cole's Cross Reference Directory, San Antonio
Encyclopedia of Associations
Texas State Directory
World of Learning

Send me you results in the email... Colby.

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