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The Annotation

An annotation is a short abstract following the citation in a bibliography. The purpose and form are similar to the synopsis.

Annotated Bibliography Assignment

Step 1

Develop a proposal (1 page or less) for the topic for your semester paper in this class. This proposal should indicate the subject of your choice and why you have chosen it (assigned paper in another class, your intense interest in the subject, etc.).

You should also have some reason to believe that the topic you have chosen will yield an adequate number of sources on the one hand, and that on the other hand the amount of information available will not be overwhelming.

This proposal is due next week. When I sign off on it you are free to forge ahead with your research.

Step 2

Look up some annotated bibliographies to see how different authors have handled this form of writing.

Step 3

Research all possible sources for material on your topic. Go through your notes on class and be sure you don't miss anything: encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries, magazines and journals, newspapers, electronic databases, books, government documents, etc., etc.

Step 4

Your annotated bibliography will be judged (graded) on the following criteria:

Step 5

For best grade, turn in the annotated bibliography well ahead of time. You will receive feedback and can correct deficiencies.

Step 6

Turn in final draft of annotated bibliography.

C. Glass
24 October, 1994



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