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Many articles have been written on PIM (Personal Information Management), and many software programs have been written to help you automate your life. There are programs to help you manage your time, manage your information, manage all the stuff in your hard drive, manage all the ideas in your head, and many other areas.

As you obtain and use a computer you will find many handy uses for it. Initially, you will find that research is easier if done on a computer. Papers can easily be corrected, changed, and printed out again. Research can be saved by subject area and used again and again in different papers.

Once you learn HTML you will be able to create lists of sites, links, and information. This does not have to be published to the Web. Sites can be created on your own hard drive for your personal use. I have a file, for instance, called "innerweb.htm" which I use as my homepage... that is, my browser defaults to that page. It contains all the links I use the most often, including the daily links for the news.

You will also want to explore the exciting world of subdirectories. How you organize your files on your hard drive can make a substantial difference in ease of use as well as ease of backing up. You DO back up, right? Two of the most important things you will want to take care of at least on a weekly basis is backing up and scanning your computer for viruses. I strongly recommend you do both.

If you want to explore PIM further, I suggest you do some reading at ZDNet, or do a search on Google. You may also want to check out all the downloads available at CNet. Check out the PIM and time management software in particular. Try some programs out. Most are not too expensive to register if you like them... Don't forget, however, that many programs also now come bundled with the various flavors of Windows. So, you may already have some of this software sitting on your hard drive. Explore and enjoy.


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