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I.S.--Biographical Sources

We covered biographical sources pretty well last week. Look over this list and make sure you are familiar with these sources.

One final word on biographies. An AUTObiography is a biography written by the person themselves. Often titled "My Life," autobiographies are simply a subcategory of biography.

World Almanac Biographical Dictionary CT 103 W66
Dictionary of National Biography DA 28 D47
Dictionary of American Biography E 176 D563
Dictionary of Scientific Biography Q 141 D5
Who's Who DA 28 W6
Who Was Who
Who Was Who in America E 176 W64
The International Dictionary of Women's Biography CT 3202 I57
American Men and Women of Science Q 141 A474
Current Biography Yearbook CT 100 C8
Trail Drivers of Texas F 596 T69
Encyclopedia of Western Gun-Fighters F 596 O65
Asimov's Biographical Encyclopedia of Science and Technology Q 141 A74
The Great Chiefs E 78 W5 T55
McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Biography CT 103 M27
Webster's American Biographies CT 213 W43
World Authors PN 451 W3
Twentieth Century Authors PN 451 K84
American Authors PS 21 K8
British Authors before 1800 PR 105 K9
Who Was When? CT 103 D4
They Went That-A-Way-- CT 105 F63
Doctors: The Biography of Medicine R 134 N85
Lifelines CT 104 W45
Who Did That? CT 103 W47

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