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Set Criteria

Setting criteria for decision making is the third step in the decision making process. We are going to continue here first with some more excerpts from the book The Art of DECISION MAKING: 7 Steps to Achieving More Effective Results, by John D. Arnold...

This step give you what "you need to make sound decisions in any situation. The Criteria lie in the answers to three questions:

1. What do you want to ACHIEVE by any decision you make?
2. What do you want to PRESERVE by any decision you make?
3. What do you want to AVOID by any decision you make?" (59).

"…you must systematically ask yourself, "What am I trying to achieve, preserve, and avoid by whatever I decide to do?" Make your list as comprehensive as possible. Write down all the Criteria that occur to you, rational as well as emotional ones. Don't be concerned if some of your Criteria appear redundant or contradictory. You'll later refine them and weed out the inconsistencies. If you omit an important Criterion, the Solution you eventually choose will be less apt to achieve your Purpose" (63).

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