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I.S. - Critical Thinking

You are creating your life as you live it. How do you feel about what you have created so far? "Are you achieving your full potential as a human being, 'actively exercising your soul's powers' --the ancient Greek definition of happiness (eudaemonia)?" (Chaffee 3).

To have a clear philosophy of life which helps guide your life, "you must take the first step... You need to make a conscious decision to commit yourself to a journey of self-examination and self-transformation... The key to your journey will be learning to make the fullest use of the extraordinary power of your thinking process.." (Chaffee 3-4).

The study of thinking is not merely an academic subject to be studied for credit and then forgotten. Your thinking process should enrich your life. Socrates, the father of philosophy, a Greek who lived 2,500 years ago, said, "the unexamined life is not worth living." Everyone since has been re-discovering this same truth.

"Progress comes from the people who think against the grain. Without nonconformists, you don't advance" (Saw Ken Wye, Managing Director of Microsoft in Singapore. Quoted in Fast Company (Sep.1999): 88).

The shelves of bookstores are filled with self-help books. These books are supposed to help us improve our lives. "..these approaches will always have limited success if they don't address the need to think clearly, which in turn empowers us to think for ourselves... We must restructure the way that we think in order to reshape the way we are" (Chaffee 10).

Let's look at my site on critical thinking.

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