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Geographical Sources

Atlases are usually what people think of as geographical sources, and they are indeed the dominate resource in this area. You should realize, however, that atlases often have a great deal more geographical information in them than maps. They often include all kinds of data, charts and graphs of information.

Beyond atlases are all the books about individual countries, areas, or continents. Geographical books often shade over into the area of cultural and sociological studies.

Class Exercises

1. Look up and take a look at some of the following titles in the library. Send me an email with what you find (what they are about; how they would be used):

Wonders of the world atlas
Hammond atlas of the 20th century
Mapping America's past : a historical atlas
The atlas of holy places & sacred sites
Historical atlas of Mormonism
The Macmillan Bible atlas
Wetlands in danger : a world conservation atlas
Women in the world : an international atlas
Muleshoe and more : the remarkable stories behind the naming of Texas towns
Germany--in pictures
The Mexican border cities
Peoples of the world. Asians and Pacific Islanders

2. Now, do a search in the online catalog, or browse through the geography section and tell me what other interesting titles you find.

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Please send comments to: Colby Glass, MLIS

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