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Information Studies - Manuals & Handbooks

Manuals are books which cover "how to do" something or "all about" something. They are usually very practical and straightforward. Handbooks have a similar purpose, although they lean a bit to the side of being reference manuals that you can carry with you "in you hand" (get it?).

Style manuals specifically addressed bibliographic style. Bibliographic style refers to how you cite, or refer to, materials in a particlar format such as MLA or APA.

In-class exercises:

1. Look up each of the following sources. Get their call number. Find them and write down what they are for, and key things which can be found in them:

Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Services
Guinness Book of World Records
Standard & Poors
Hoover's Handbook (top 500)
American Book of Days
Anniversaries and Holidays
Famous First Facts
Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA)
Student's Guide for Writing College Papers (Turabian)

2. Using the most appropriate bibliographic tool, locate a pertinent citation (ideally a manual or handbook on the subject) on each of the following subjects:

a. Prisons, or the prison system

b. Taxation in Texas

c. African literature

d. Metabolism

e. General Dynamics Corporation

f. What happened in China in 1938? (one "news worthy" event)

3. Try to find answers to the following questions, using the most appropriate or likely source first (This is what the final will be like):

a. You want to locate information about ICE CONTROL on roads in the OPAC. What is the proper LC subject heading?

b. If you look up MARSHALL ISLANDS in the LC Subject Headings, you find two headings listed under it. What type headings are they (broader, narrower, used instead, etc.)?

c. Is the journal, The Nation, available at Incarnate Word University?

d. Does ProQuest have listings for Psychology Today?

e. Is there a copy of Tom Sawyer in this library? What is the call number?

f. William Pitt Kellogg was a government official during the Abraham Lincoln administration. What biographical dictionary or encyclopedia lists him and tells what office he held?

g. Is Psychology Today a journal or a magazine? Why?

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