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Please read through this page and its links. If you don't find the answer, shoot me an email at Pick out below your problem area:

PC Problems Connection Problems Personal Problems

PC Problems

First thing, check all your cable connections. One loose connection can make everything a mess. Cables work loose on their own, so don't assume everything is fine. Get up and check them!

Second, consult the company web site. Many are much more in depth than the manual. Third, try looking up your problem at one of these great help sites:

If you do not have a techie friend to call for help, you may want to consider joining one of these organizations. In fact, YOU might consider becoming a techie!

If you need to find and download software, here are some of the best sites:

Connection Problems

The starting place for connection [to the web] problems is contact with your ISP (Internet Service Provider -- like TexasNet, ev1, PeoplePC, AOL, MSN, etc.). A help number (toll free I hope) should have been included with your paperwork. Be sure to have all your identifying information ready when you call.

Personal Problems

Palo Alto College has many student services available for you. The place to start is talking to a counselor.
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Please send comments to: Colby Glass, MLIS

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