Learning Vocabulary

The first thing is to get a blank notebook or stack of notecards. As you encounter new words, especially words in your major, note them down. Then research them in several dictionaries and online. Then write down everything you learn in the notebook or notecards. The notebook is easier to keep with you at all times and review frequently. Read the links below for more ideas:

Get a Harvard Graduate’s Vocabulary in only 15 minutes a day! Look at the tips, but don't bother buying the program.

The Ten Best Vocabulary Learning Tips The first tip is key. I found this out in learning ancient foreign languages. Textbooks are fine, but once you know some grammar and vocabulary, the quickest way to increase your vocabulary and understanding is by reading authors you enjoy.

Advice for Learning Foreign-Language Vocabulary This is for learning Latin, but it has a lot of great tips.

A Wealth of Words An outstanding article by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. "The key to increasing upward mobility is expanding vocabulary." Don't miss it.

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