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Information Studies - MLA Exercises

Discuss MLA and APA STYLE in some detail.

(MLA stands for Modern Language Association. It is the bibliographic style most often used by the liberal arts and soft sciences. APA stands for American Psychological Association. It is the bibliographic style most often used in the hard sciences. There are other styles some for specific subject areas, like chemistry. These two, however, are the most common and the most likely to be assigned in college.)

Discuss importance of bibliographic access... story of penicillin.

(Story of Penicillin - Penicillin was actually discovered twice. The first time was 100 years before the famous time. It was discovered and written up in a Master's thesis at the University of Paris. The thesis was then filed away without being indexed anywhere -- in other words, there was no bibliographic access to it. So it went missing and people had to die for another 100 years before someone again discovered penicillin. The point here is that ACCESS to information is even more important than the information itself. Without access information remains relatively useless, like a book on the wrong shelf in the library.)

Discuss the discrete pieces of information in a citation. Looking at a citation in a Wilson index, identify and discuss the following:

Q: Where do each of the above belong in an MLA citation?

Discuss the principles of documentation...

Practice by converting these (Wilson Index) records to the MLA format:

Japan's Pacific overtures: how Japan sees itself at home, in Asia, and around the world. K.B. Pyle. Am Enterp 2:29-37 N/D '91

America and Japan: two can play [CIA report,Japan 2000] Economist 319:29-30 Je 15 '91

Carrots for Gorbachov: Japan finds its voice on Soviet aid issue [G-7 summit] J. Bartholomew. Far East Econ Rev 153:13 Jl 25 '91

Note the following abbreviations:

Am Enterp = American Entrepreneur
Far East Econ Rev = Far East Economic Review

(Convert these records and then send them via email to me so that I can check on your understanding of MLA... We are going to focus primarily on MLA in this course since it is used much more than APA.)

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