12 Strategies for Motivation That Work!

Videos on Motivation from University of Wisconsin

Motivating Students This article makes the point that a lot of a student's motivation depends on the teacher. This, in turn, highlights the importance of taking the best teachers available. How do you do that? Talk to other students. Talk to librarians; they usually know the best teachers. Talk to the chair of the department or a counselor; you might be able to talk them into admitting who the best teachers are. The worst thing you can do is look at the schedule and just take whatever fits your time.

Motivation, Goal Setting, and Success

Tips for Staying Motivated One of the suggestions here is to develope a social network of people who will support you and help you. Law students do this by creating study groups of 3-5 students in their class and then dividing up the work load. Each student then summarizes their assigned area for the others and gives an oral review. It really works. They also work to review before exams.

Self-Motivation for Learning

Seven Steps to Increase Motivation

Find your passion If you do not already have a passion which has led you to college, then college should be where you find it. Take courses in everything; try out everything.

=>What is your plan? Do you have it with you? Is it up-to-date? Have you worked on it TODAY?

Colby Glass, MLIS