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Orientation Meeting

This is the only chance we will probably have to talk face-to-face.

It is critical, therefore, that you take away as much useful information as possible. I suggest that you take thorough notes during this session.


        1. Are you ready?
        2. Contacting me.
        3. WebCT
        4. Course sites
        5. Q&A

1. Are you ready?

First, let's go through the computer basics to make sure that you are prepared.

How did you do on the skills test? Do you have any questions?

2. Contacting me

Office phone has voice mail: 210/921-5069

email =

WebCT email = instructor

WebCT bulletin board is preferred method so everyone sees the question and answer.

Department Secretary is Linda Glover at 921-5100,


Please note that I have discontinued using WebCT because of its unreliability. I have tried to eradicate all links to WebCT from the course. However, you may still see a reference here and there to the program. Please ignore it. I no longer use WebCT in this course!w

4. Course Sites

Alright, let's explore the Internet a bit.

First, let's insert an A: disk in the machine.

Now, let's go to our course's homepage...


If you have questions, please email me at  



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Please send comments to: Colby Glass, MLIS

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