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IS - Managing Research Results

During the research process, there are several things with which you must take particular care:

  • Control of research records
  • Copyright laws
  • Documentation

Control of Research Records

To avoid plagiarism, as well as to avoid error, you must take VERY careful notes. ALWAYS indicate when something is a quote; be sure to get the reference and the page number. Don't ever assume that you can go back later and get something.

Remember, unless you actually did the research on something, or you are a recognized expert on something, you cannot make a statement without indicating where it came from. It doesn't matter if your rewrite the material; it still isn't your idea. It belongs to someone else and they must be given credit.

Copyright Laws

Copyright laws are becoming more stringent all the time. Beginning this year--1999--infringement of someone's copyright can be a federal crime punishable by time in prison. It would be a good idea to read through some of the copyright sites on the Internet. In the meantime, remember,

  • Never copy more than a small amount without permission
  • Always give credit and a reference
  • It may be legal for you to make a copy of an article or a few pages of a book for your individual use as a student
  • Remember that anything created by someone is apt to be copyrighted--Internet material, software, drawings and graphics, music and recordings, and so on.


Put citations into APA or MLA format as you do your research. It is great practice, and you will be happier when you start writing your paper and pasting the references over to your page.

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