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Information Studies - Week 11


Please write very short answers--summaries--for each question. Write them up on a word processor. Then highlight them, copy them (CTRL+C) and paste them (CTRL+V) into the body of an email and send it to me. Be sure to identify which week's quiz you are taking. Thank you... colby

1. What is Systems Thinking? Why is it important?

2. What is metanoia? Why is it an important concept?

3. What is the Delusion of Learning From Experience? How is it similar to Fixation on Events? Give an example.

4. What is the first principle of Systems Thinking? Explain.

5. What is a yearbook and how do you use it?

6. Do the yearbook exercise in a library. Then answer this question: What two yearbooks did you discover which will be the most use to you? Why?

7. What is the difference between a manual and a handbook? How do you use them?

8. Do the Handbook exercise at a library and turn in.

9. What two manuals or handbooks did you discover which will be the most use to you? Why?

10. Do the Geographical Sources exercises in a library and turn in.

11. What is your favorite geographical source and why?

12. The second draft of your paper is due this week.

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Please send comments to: Colby Glass, MLIS

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