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Information Studies - Week 2


Please write very short answers--summaries--for each question. Write them up on a word processor. Then highlight them, copy them (CTRL+C) and paste them (CTRL+V) into the body of an email and send it to me. Be sure to identify which week's quiz you are taking. Thank you... colby

1. To you, what are the three most important reasons for studying information studies? Explain briefly.

2. What is the greatest advantage of the Web and its format?

3. In reading the notes on becoming a student, what were the three most important things you learned?

4. For every $1 spent on a college education, how much wealth is generated in the community?

5. Considering the numbers above, do you think you or the community should pay for your college education?

6. What is metanoia? Why is it important to the idea of becoming an effective student?

7. What is involved in the research process?

8. How do you choose a topic for a research paper?

9. How do you know when to stop doing research?

10. Why is re-writing repeatedly so important?

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Please send comments to: Colby Glass, MLIS

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