Information Studies - Week 3


Please write very short answers--summaries--for each question. Write them up on a word processor. Then highlight them, copy them (CTRL+C) and paste them (CTRL+V) into the body of an email and send it to me. Be sure to identify which week's quiz you are taking. Thank you... colby

1. What are the seven steps in the process of effective decision making?

2. What is metanoia? Why is the concept important to you as a student?

3. Explain the importance of critical thinking.

4. Explain how you go about choosing a research topic.

5. Why is documentation so important?

6. Revise the following information so that it is a proper MLA citation:

The sweeping history of brooms, by John Bristle. This book was published by Cleanup House, of Worcestershore, New Hampshire, in 1997.

7. Go to this site: and create an MLA citation for it.

Please send comments to: Colby Glass, MLIS

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