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Effective Reading for Learning

The key to reading is to read with understanding. What that means is that you need to focus on the larger points that the author is making. Typically, an author will make a key point in one or two sentences, and then spend one or more paragraphs explaining that point. I like to underline those key points so that I can go back and review them and see the sequence of ideas that the author is presenting. If you are using a library book or some other source which does not allow underlining, either write the points down in your notes, or if on the Web copy and paste the key points.

Methods will vary from person to person, but you must find what works best for you. The bottom line is to understand what the author is saying. Don't worry about retention. You can review later and work on the retention. But remember that the most critical element in retention is UNDERSTANDING.

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Colby Glass, MLIS