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Information Studies - Strategy

To use your timeline, make a list of all the things you need or want to do to explore and write about this subject. Write down everything you know about the subject, what you need to know, and where you think you can find what you need to know. A timeline is easy to set up on a computer. Then it can easily be modiefied during the research process.

On your timeline, make a list of deadlines for yourself based on the list you just wrote and the items you need to accomplish in the three sections of your timeline. Deadlines are vital to your success. This is YOUR strategy, though, so you can be flexible. Adjust and evaluate your plan as necessary during the process so you can do your best work.

One of the first things you need to do is write a tentative THESIS. "A thesis is a ststement that expresses the one main, controlling idea of the paper" (Thiroux). A good way to begin forming your thesis is to ask the following question (from Thiroux):

  • Who is concerned with my subject?
  • What do I need to know before I start?
  • What will I show that is new or different?
  • What am I trying to prove?
  • What is the solution?
  • What evidence do I have?
  • Where will I find the information?
  • What are the arguments against my idea?
  • Why is anyone interested in this subject?
  • Why do I want to look at this from a different perspective?
  • How can I approach this subject?
  • Under what circumstance or conditions will my argument be valid?

Once you have created a first draft of your thesis, you will want to ask these questions (Thiroux):

  • "Does the thesis clearly express your position in a complete sentence? (Your thesis should not be just a topic or a question.)
  • "Is your thesis specifically, purposefully limited?
  • Who is your intended audience?
  • Does your thesis clearly indicate the purpose of your research?
  • Do you have adequate reasons and evidence to support the thesis you have written?
  • Can your thesis be fully developed?
  • Does your thesis offer a solution?
  • Does your thesis look at your subject from a fresh perspective?

Now, let's look at
Keeping Track of the Process

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