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Hot Deal??

PeoplePC (800-736-7537) says you can get a free new computer and 3 years of unlimited access for $24.95 per month. This amounts to around $700 for a system and around $8 per month for unlimited access and a 10 mb space for your web page. Quite a deal!

There was an article on this deal in the San Antonio Express-News on Sunday, January 23rd, page 4J. The reporter says that his friends tried the deal and found it wonderful. In four days from ordering they received a minitower PC system with a Toshiba 15-inch monitor, a 366 mHz Intel Celeron processor, 64 mb of RAM, a 6 gig. hard drive, a 32x cdrom drive, a 56 kbs modem, a keyboard, mouse, spekers, a 1.44 floppy drive, and Windows 98, Quicken, Microsoft Works, and Norton AntiVirus.

I am currently paying $21 per month to for access (I paid for the year last summer before prices really began to drop). I am also paying ev1 $10 per month for access. I am wondering if I should drop and pick up PeoplePC. For $4 more per month I would have a new PC system.

Anyone know why I shouldn't try this? I have looked at some other options. Toshiba offers nothing on it web site less than 400 mHz. For about $750 you can get a minimum system from them. Dell Computer's offerings are more expensive. Gateway Computers offers a 400 mhz machine for $22.20 per month, for 48 months, for a total of $799. For the same price, Compaq offers a 500 mhz AMD, 64 mb ram, 10 gb hd, 56k modem, 40x cdrom, AGP 3d graphics, Allegro audio. All these manufacturers want to finance for 48 months, instead of PeoplePC's 36 months.

I will report later on what happens.

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