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Information Studies - Week 4

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-Thinking: Decision making 2 of 2

  1. Decision making (studied last week)
  2. Problem solving
    1. Defining the issue
      1. Questions to ask
        1. Why do I have to do anything?
        2. Why is a decision necessary?
        3. What is / is not the problem?
        4. What is / could be / should be happening?
    2. Clarifying your purpose
      1. Avoid tunnel vision
      2. Define your purpose as broadly as possible to allow for more possible solutions
    3. Setting criteria
      1. What do you want to...
        1. achieve?
        2. preserve?
        3. avoid?
    4. Establishing priorities
      1. What are your absolute requirements?
      2. Rank your desirable objectives from 10 (maximum importance) to 1
    5. The Search for solutions
      1. The need for information
      2. Problem-solving methods
      3. Thinking "outside the box"
      4. Systems thinking
      5. Synthesizing information
      6. Metanoia & mind-shift
      7. Brainstorming
    6. Testing the Alternatives
      1. The possible need for more information
      2. Rate each alternative against each criterion
      3. Thinking "outside the box"
      4. Seek ways to combine characteristics of several alternatives to create a better solution.
    7. Troubleshooting
      1. List possible problems
      2. Rank the likelihood of each occurring
      3. List preventive actions to take

-Research: MLA continued; Introduction to finding information and libraries; communicating information

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