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Yearbooks come out on an annual basis. Hence the term YEAR-book, or yearly book. The most common yearbook is that which comes out each year to update a set of encyclopedias. Britannica, for instance, has a very famous yearbook.

Yearbooks may also come out in specific subject areas, rather like almanacs.

Library Exercise

Look up each of the following titles, get the call number, go to the shelf and pull it and write a short description of its purpose and usage. Send the exercise to me via email:

1. When we were young : a baby boomer yearbook
2. Broadcasting & cable yearbook
3. The Best plays of ...
4. The Supreme Court yearbook
5. Yearbook of American universities and colleges
6. The World yearbook of robotics research and development
7. United States Geological Survey yearbook
8. Information please almanac, atlas and yearbook
9. Yearbook of the United Nations
10.American Jewish year book
11.Countries of the world and their leaders yearbook
12.Facts on file yearbook
13.Anuario hispano = Hispanic yearbook
14.Current biography yearbook
15.Contemporary literary criticism

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