Week 1
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

This Week's Topics:

  • Who's Who
  • Using Computers & the Web
  • The Syllabus
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This Week in Class

  1. Who am I? My CV.

  2. Who are YOU? A list of questions.

  3. Why use computers?
  4. Using email, bulletin board, readings, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

  5. WebCT. Your USER ID is your first name, first letter capitalized, the rest lower case, just like you always write your first name. Your initial password is the first five number in your social security number, no spaces or dashes.

  6. What's this class about? Syllabus

  7. What's due next week?

  8. Go home and read, read, read.

Due This Week

Well, you just got here, so there's nothing due.

Due Next Week

  1. Read the textbook from the front cover through chapter 1. Read it thoroughly.

  2. Then go back and make a list of the six most important points or terms in the chapter. You will be asked to contribute these points or definitions of terms in class. Don't embarrass yourself by not being ready.

  3. Next, review the chapter and decide what is the single most important question to YOU about the chapter. This can be a question brought up in the chapter, like "Can we really know reality?" or "What is our purpose for existing?" or "Can we prove that God exists?" Or, it can be a question about the ramifications of what is discussed in the chapter, like "Is abortion ethical?" or "Should President Clinton have been impeached?" ...Bring this question to class; you will be asked to tell what you decided it was.

  4. Read Not the News and come to class prepared to discuss the contents with others.

  5. Browse through each of the links below. Come to class prepared to discuss your questions, opinions, objections, and ideas about each issue.

  6. REMEMBER! Check your email and the bulletin board at WebCT OFTEN. You may receive additional clues, reading assignments, and quiz preparations. Don't miss potentially good stuff. Check often.

In the reading, were there any words in the reading which you did not entirely understand. Look them up! There is a glossary in the back of the book. In addition, you should use a good unabridged dictionary. Don't ever assume the meaning of a word from its context. Make sure you are completely clear about what the word means.

In addition, for next week, read lesson plans 1 through 12 (blue boxes) at the following site about the Internet and the Web. We will cover in class the definitions of terms in Lesson 3. Note that material from this site will be included in the first exam next week. The following are some of the questions to which you should know the answers:

What is the Internet?
What are the advantages of the Internet?
How many people are currently on (using) the Internet?
What are some things you can do on the Internet?
What is a network?
What is surfing?
What is e-mail?
What is FTP?
What is a newsgroup?
What is WWW?
What is a Web browser?

Web Links Relevant
To This Week's Topics

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The Palo Alto College LRC Web Site

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