Chapter 10 Review Questions
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

Here are the questions suggested:

  1. What is the deontological ethical theory?
  2. What is the teleological ethical theory?
  3. What is natural law theory?
  4. What is karma?
  5. What is existentialism?
  6. What is ethics?
  7. What is normative ethics?
  8. What is meta ethics?
  9. What is determinism?
  10. What is the categorical imperative? Whose idea was it?

Questions received from Anna, Helen, Sally

Colby would suggest these additions:

Suggestions for a big question:

  1. What is philosopher Judith Jarvis Thompson's stand on the "right to life" issue?

Unaccepted Questions

by Colby Glass