Week 15
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

This Week's Topics:

  • Who's Who
  • Using Computers & the Web
  • The Syllabus
  • Working in Groups
  • Chapter 1 points & terms
  • Key question for ch. 1
  • Study Skills
  • Personality Test
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This Week in Class

  1. Who's Who -- name tags
  2. Using Computers & the Web --review, answer questions
  3. The Syllabus --Any questions?
  4. Working in Groups --Information and Discussion
  5. Chapter 1 points & terms -- collate, boil down
  6. Key question for ch. 1 -- which is it?
  7. Discuss study skills
  8. We will take a personality test and discuss the results
  9. What's due next week?

  10. Go home and read, read, read.

Due This Week

  1. Deadweek. No new stuff.

  2. Review chapter 10--You have a list of key points or questions posted on the Internet. The class created this list last week. You need to go over this list until you are sure you can pick out the correct answer for each item. Remember, this will be a multiple choice test, so all you have to do is recognize the correct answer. There will be no "tricky" questions.

  3. Next, you need to spend some time creating an answer to THE single most important question related to reading. Since you have a week to work on this answer, and you will be allowed to work from notes during the quiz, this answer will have to be PERFECT. No spelling mistakes. No grammar mistakes. This should be a short paragraph. Very concise, very clear. You should state your answer and then say WHY that answer is the one you chose.... Pretend this is a memo to your boss at work. It HAS to be short. It HAS to be clear. It HAS to give the best possible answer. And it certainly can't contain any embarrassing booboos!!

  4. Read Not the News and come to class prepared to discuss the contents with others.

  5. Browse through each of the links below. Come to class prepared to discuss your questions, opinions, objections, and ideas about each issue.

  6. REMEMBER! Check your email and the bulletin board at WebCT OFTEN. You may receive additional clues, reading assignments, and quiz preparations. Don't miss potentially good stuff. Check often.

Due Next Week

Well, there is no class this week because we will be taking the final. Remember, if you have attained an average grade of 93% or better, you will be released from the final... You have earned it! Congratulations.

Web Links Relevant
To This Week's Topics

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