Chapter 1 Review Questions
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

-What is metaphysics?

-What is Buddhism?

-What is enlightment?

-What is monotheism?

-Compare and contrast the monist and pluralist views of reality.

-What is philosophy?

-What is animism?

-What is Taoism?

-What is Socratic dialectic? ... Or, maybe a better question is, Explain the Socratic Method.

-What is the Golden Mean?

-What is epistemology?

-What is axiology?

-What did Perictyone think?

-What is karma?

I would, if I may, suggest a few additions we didn't get to:

-Who were the pre-Socratics and what was their focus?

-Who were the Sophists and what were their primary views?

-For what was Plato famous?

-What was the message of the Allegory of the Cave?

THE big question for Chapter 1

-Does philosophy lead to better understanding or just more and more questions?... Voted for by Theresa, Celia, Catherine, Christine, Anna, Ben

-What is the purpose of life? ...Voted for by Roger

-Do you agree with one of the philosophers presented, and why?... Voted for by William, Andrea, Yvonne, Pearl

Best Answer

The best answer comes from AnnMarie Falat. Here it is:

Does philosophy lead to better understanding or just more and more questions?

Philosophy is like a revolving door. It leads to both a better understanding and more and more questions. When an individual has a better understanding of an issue, he is then able to evaluate the issue in more depth. This will lead the individual to ask more questions and new questions about the issue that have not yet been asked. This is one reason why philosophy is a never ending search for truths and answers.

AnnMarie's good grade is not based on her conclusion, but on how well she explained it. She presents a clear line of logic, or thinking. She thinks through consequences.

by Colby Glass