Quiz 5

Chapter 4

Please write the number of the correct answer after each number of the question on a lined piece of paper. Please place your name and the date at the top of the page before turning it in. Thank you...

1. Please match the following:

a. Theism
b. Atheism
c. Agnosticism
d. Pantheism
e. Deism
f. Theology
g. Monotheism
h. Polytheism
___1. The assertion that it is not possible to know whether God exists.
___2. The belief that God is fully expressed in nature and the material world… God is everything.
___3. The belief that there is one god.
___4. The belief that there are many gods.
___5. The assertion that God does not exist.
___6. The assertion that God does exist.
___7. The rational study of God, based on beliefs.
___8. Belief in an impersonal god which created the world and is no longer involved in it.

2. Please match the following arguments for the existence of God:

a. Cosmological argument

b. Ontological argument

c. Teleological argument

___1. I can imagine a perfect being. That being, God, must exist or he would not be perfect.
___2. Like a watch, the universe was obviously built for a purpose. This supposes a maker, which is by definition God.
___3. Every action requires a mover. And that mover requires a mover. But this sequence of causality cannot be infinite. Therefore, there must be an unmoved mover. This, by definition, is God.

3. Please match the following definitions:

a. Mystical experience

b. Omnipotent

c. Omniscient

d. The problem of free will

e. The problem of evil

___1. If God knows everything, then how are we free to make choices and decisions?
___2. God is all knowing.
___3. If God is good, why is the world full of suffering and evil?
___4. Intuitive experience upon which is based a belief in God (as opposed to reason as a basis).
___5. God is all powerful

4. Please match the following:

a. Theocracy

b. Anthropomorphism

c. Existentialism

d. West African view

___1. In the face of life's absurdity, we must make a "leap of faith"
___2. Representing nonhuman things as human in nature or characteristics
___3. God did not create out of nothing, but designed the form of what was already here.
___4. We are not born with meaning; we create meaning as we live and make decisions
___5. Literally, "rule by God"-- the fusion of church and state

5. Please match the following

a. Atheism
b. Pantheism
c. Theism
___1. The purpose of life is what we bring to it.
___2. Death is a passage from this dimension to another.
___3. To know nature is to know God and the purpose of life.

Note: Each answer is worth 4 points Distorting Reality assignment.... Social Darwinism is the view that... The Social Stratification Theory is the view that... The Trilateral Commission says that... Why isn't Social class, and the limitations it creates for people, ever mentioned in elementary or high school textbooks? a. those who are rich and in charge deserve to be there because they are the best -- survival of the fittest. b. the poor and underpriveleged hold that place in society primarily because the wealthy elite have made it so difficult to compete with them. c. "...secrecy and deception...are...inescapable attributes of...government." d. One of the primary purposes of public (ie., government-sponsored) education is to accustom people to their place in society and discourage trouble-making.

by Colby Glass, MLIS.

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