Chapter 5 Review Questions
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

Here are the questions suggestioned:

  1. What is egocentric predicatment? (Anna, Sally)
  2. What is solipsism? (Anna)
  3. What is innate? (Colby thinks this is too obvious.)
  4. What is empiricism? (Anna)
  5. What is skepticism? (Anna)
  6. What is Hume's Fork? (Colby thinks this is too esoteric.)
  7. What are phenomena? (Anna)
  8. What is Cogito Ergo Sum? (Sally)
  9. What is the Cartesian Circle (Too esoteric--colby)
  10. What is pre-established harmonhy (Sally)

Colby would also suggest these questions:

  1. For what process is Descartes best known in philosophy?
  2. What does "Cogito ergo sum" mean and what is its significance?
  3. What is the logical fallacy called "begging the question"?
  4. What is the mind-body problem?
  5. What is empiricism?
  6. What is Locke's tabula rasa theory of learning?
  7. What is logical positivism?
  8. What did Wittgenstein consider the relation of language to reality?
  9. What, according to Kant, are phenomena and noumena?
  10. Explain a priori and a posteriori ideas.

Big question suggestions:

  1. Does the fact that as a culture we are getting more and more of our knowledge electronically (from TV, computers, etc.) rather than from books change anything about how or what we know? Explain.(Sally)
Colby would also suggest these:

  1. How did Spinoza solve the mind-body problem?
  2. How did Leibniz solved the mind-body problem?
  3. Berkeley said, "To be is to be perceived." What did he mean?

Unaccepted Questions

by Colby Glass