Chapter 6 Review Questions
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

Here are the questions suggestioned:

  1. What is a warrant? (Anna)
  2. What is correspondence test? (Anna)
  3. What are theoretical posits? (Colby thinks this is too esoteric.)
  4. What is the creativity test? (Anna)
  5. What is ambiguity? (Anna)
  6. What is beginner's mind? (Colby thinks this is too esoteric.)
  7. What is the ad hominem thinking error? (Anna)
  8. What is the appeal to emotion fallacy? (Anna)

Colby would suggest these additions:

  1. As a test for truth, what is warrantability?
  2. Do warrants prove truth? Are they the same as truth?
  3. What is the correspondence test for truth?
  4. What is the coherence test of truth?
  5. What is the pragmatic test of truth?
  6. What is the Ewe creativity test of truth?
  7. According to Thomas Kuhn, what is a prevailing paradigm in science?
  8. What are the informal fallacies of appeal to emotion, appeal to authority, begging the question, appeal to ignorance, ignoring alternatives, ad hominem, and ambiguity?
  9. What is Jacques Derrida's deconstruction?

Suggestions for a big question:

  1. What are names of some of the most common fallacies? (Anna)
  2. Can truth ever be absolute? (Anna)
  3. What does it mean to be true to yourself? (Anna)

Unaccepted Questions

by Colby Glass