Chapter 7

Please write the number of the correct answer after each number of the question on a lined piece of paper. Please place your name and the date at the top of the page before turning it in. Thank you...

1. Aesthetics is the study and theories of (please circle one)

a. ethics and morality
b. value and judgment
c. art and the beautiful

2. Please match

a. Catharsis
b. Mimesis
c. Hubris
___ 1. Human arrogance--leads invariably to a downfall
___ 2. Aesthetic theory of art as representation
___ 3. Emotional cleansing achieved by viewing tragic drama (Aristotle)

3. Please match

a. Aristotle

b. Plato

___ 1. Distrusted art because it was an image of an image and therefore Twice removed from truth and reality
___ 2. Was in favor of art because it showed reality as it could be.

4. Please match the following

a. Apollo

b. Dionisus

___ 1. Feelings, emotion
___ 2. Logic, rationality

5. Please match:

a. Impressionism

b. Cubism

___ 1. Shows reality broken down into impressions of light and Color.
___ 2. Represents a subject from different points of view, almost like a sculpture instead of a painting.

nb: each item is worth 10 points

by Colby Glass, MLIS.

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