Chapter 7 Review Questions
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

Here are the questions suggested:

  1. What is aesthetics?
  2. What is mimesis?
  3. What is catharsis?
  4. What is the beginner's mind according to Zen?
  5. What is hubris?
  6. What is impressionism?
  7. What is axiology?

Questions received from Helen, Sally, AnnMarie, Andrea

Colby would suggest these additions:

  1. What was Plato's view of art and artists?
  2. What was Aristotle's view of them?
  3. What two Greek gods did Nietzsche use to characterize the insights of the tragic poets? What does each represent?

Suggestions for a big question:

  1. Under what circumstances would a work of art, in your judgement, be deserving of censorship?
  2. "Why do people return time after time to a favorite piece of music or a favorite painting? What is being communicated?" (p.339).

Unaccepted Questions

by Colby Glass