Chapt. 9 --Social Philosophy

Please write the number of the correct answer after each number of the question on a lined piece of paper. Please place your name and the date at the top of the page before turning it in. Thank you...

1. Please match the following:

a. Individualism
b. Communalism
c. Utilitarianism
____ 1. One-for-all, all-for-one emphasis on what's best for the group
____ 2. Focuses on what is best--good--for the individual
____ 3. The most pleasure and least pain for the most people

2. Please match the following:

a. Aristotle .

b. Bentham

c. Plato

d. Mill

____ 1. Justice is not the right of the stronger but the effective harmony of the whole --each person doing that for which they are best fitted.
____ 2. The key to good government is education, which creates good and useful citizens, and builds community out of plurality.
____ 3. What matters most is quality of pleasure--the most and highest quality of pleasure for the most people.
____ 4. What matters most is the quantity of pleasure --the most pleasure for the most people.

3. Please match the following:

a. Marx

b. Buganda, East Africa

____ 1. By selling your labor you become a kind of wage slave, and money becomes a kind of god.
____ 2. Justice rests on consensus and is defined in terms of societal norms.

4. Please match the following:

a. Martin Luther King, Jr.

b. Malcolm X

____ 1. Assimilationism

____ 2. Separatism

5. Please match the following:

a. John Stuart Mill

b. Simone de Beauvoir

c. Charlotte Perkins Gilman

____ 1. In Western societies white men have defined for themselves a central role, leaving women (and minorities) the position of "otherness."
____ 2. Man is the only animal in which the sex-relation is also an economic relation... with women suffering economic injustice.
____ 3. The family is the prototype for society. If relationships in the family are based on the rights of a strong father, how can we imagine relationships in a wider society based on anything other than might?

6. Please match the following:

a. Feminists

b. Patriarchal society

c. Communitarianism

____ 1. Humanity today is a single humanity and its common good is obligatory --the balance between rights and duties.. is achieved by accommodating both individual and communal values in one system.
____ 2. Power is exercised chiefly by men... ie., male dominance.
____ 3. People who have confronted injustice on behalf of women and argued for justice.

nb: each item is worth 5 points

by Colby Glass, MLIS.

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