Chapter 9 Review Questions
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass (look up week's date)

Here are the questions suggested:

  1. Plato defined an effective society as a reflection of what?
  2. Bentham measures pleasure's what?
  3. Mill measures pleasure's what?
  4. Karl Marx believed capitalism was a form of what : a)corruption b)happy times c)wage slavery
  5. What are the benefits of Rawl's suggested "original position"; and what is its definition?
  6. The idea of consenus is to do what?
  7. Du Bois's analysis of the psychic division in many African Americans was what?
  8. What was Malcolm X's answer to white supremacist ideology, and its effects on the black culture and ideology?
  9. What is de Beauvoir's term alterity refer to?
  10. What is communalism?
  11. What is indivilualism?
  12. What is the veil of ignorance?
  13. What did Margaret Sanger fight for?
  14. What is separatism?
  15. What is utilitarianism?

Questions received from Theresa, Helen, Sally

Colby would suggest these additions:

  1. What does Aristotle consider the key to good government?
  2. What does Marx believes happens to people when they sell their labor?

Suggestions for a big question:

  1. If we create artificial intelligence, Will they have natural rights?
  2. Why do citizens need civil rights?

Unaccepted Questions

by Colby Glass