Issue: Academic Freedom
Philosophy 1301 w/ Colby Glass

Why be concerned about academic freedom? First, on an international level, this quote from Human Rights Watch: "Educators, researchers and students are frequent targets of state-sponsored violence and repression. In the most notorious cases, governments bent on imposing a monolithic state ideology have disproportionately targeted teachers and educated individuals for imprisonment, torture and murder. More commonly, governments use intimidation, physical abuse and imprisonment to silence campus-based critics and dissidents, and censor teaching, research and publication on important subjects. Many governments also continue to deny equal access to educational institutions to women and members of disfavored minority groups."

Take a look at the following sites for more information:

Academic Freedom page from the Human Rights Watch

The following report covers "four major categories of violation: ideological pressure and censorship, reprisals against dissenting professors, suppression of student protest, and restrictions on travel and exchange of ideas and information":

World Report on Academic Freedom

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