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The Damned.. an article by Caspart Henderson on the drive to build a new dam in India, and the influence of the World Bank (the above picture is from this article).

"Large dams have been called icons of the technological age, to match nuclear bombs and motor cars. But some evidence suggests the costs outweigh the benefits for development."

"Thirty million people are estimated to have been displaced by large dams world-wide. For the last 50 years, their views have been pitched against the prevailing belief that dams meet the developing world's needs by providing cheap, renewable energy and reliable water supplies for irrigation, industry and consumption."

"...there are now 40,000 large dams in the world, colossal in size and power and all but 5,000 of them built since 1950. Combined, they flood an area the size of California."

"The debate has never been pretty. In 1982, 300 of Guatemala's Maya Indians were murdered because they were campaigning for compensation against displacement by the Chixoy Dam. Such events have not only made this one of the most acrimonious environmental controversies, but given rise to one of the most organised citizens' protests in the world, with increasing power at an international level. Last year the anti-dam movement held its 'First International Meeting of the Dam Fighting People', in Brazil, where representatives from over 20 countries pledged to co-operate in their anti-dam campaigns."

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