What is a Dissenter
Or Dissident?

Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines DISSENT as to withhold assent or to differ in opinion. I define it a little more broadly as to withhold consent or to refuse to conform to an established tradition or law.

A dissenter is one who dissents. To be dissident (adjective) is "to sit apart, to disagree." Civil disobedience is a subcategory of dissent...

In simple terms, a dissenter is one who reveals facts which others want concealed and possibly also campaigns to change the situation which was facilitated by the concealment of facts.

Alinsky said, "Those who want [social] change must be against sacred cows and not only innately irreverent but outwardly, purposefully irreverent in their actions. They must be iconoclastic bulldozers willing to be regarded as profane spoilers of the sacred myths" (Commonwealth, 60).

Read through the excerpts from Harry Boyte's book, Commonwealth: A Return to Citizen Politics.

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