Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams

The 15 Power Secrets of the World's Most Successful People
by Steven K. Scott

Simon & Schuster; ISBN: 0684848686

"An unknown, below-average student becomes a legendary Hollywood director. A young woman battles racism and poverty to become one of the nation's most beloved talk-show hosts. What leads people like Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey to make their dreams a reality? Steve Scott's Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams shows the way, as you learn how the art of dream conversion can make your "impossible" dreams come true in any area of your life. And what's more, you'll discover the 15 "Power Secrets" (#2: Overcoming Fear of Failure; #14: Acquiring the Fuel of Passion) the most successful men and women use. Filled with stories, advice, and hands-on exercises for creating your own dream-achieving plan, Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams is your launching pad for success beyond your wildest dreams!" (BOMC review).

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By Steven K. Scott


Copyright © 1998 Steven K. Scott. All rights reserved.
ISBN: 0-684-84868-6


Foreword by Gary Smalley
You've Got the Power...But You're Stuck on the Launching Pad!
1. "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"
    Dream Conversion can make dreams come true in any area of your life.
2. If My Dreams Came True, Anyone's Can!
    How did a corporate failure become a multimillionaire? A nonmusician directs a symphony? An ignorant, insensitive husband achieve a happy marriage?
3. What Prevents Most Women and Men from Achieving Their Dreams?
    You're like a rocket stuck on the launching pad and your dreams seem as unreachable as the moon.
Cutting the Six Chains
4. Chain #1: Your Programming for Mediocrity!
    You've been programmed for mediocrity from your youth.
    Power Secret #1: Reprogramming Your On-Board Computer
5. Chain #2: Your Fear of Failure
    Conscious or subconscious fear of failure short-circuits your ability to achieve your dreams in every area of your life.
    Power Secret #2: Overcoming Fear of Failure
6. Chain #3: Your Avoidance of Criticism
    Your conscious or subconscious efforts to avoid criticism subvert and suffocate your creative thinking and sabotage your launch before you even attempt to achieve your dreams.
    Power Secret #3: Turning Criticism from Foe to Friend
7. Chain #4: Your Lack of Clear and Precise Vision
    If you don't have a clear picture of your destination and a precise map to get there, you won't even begin the trip.
    Power Secret #4: Gaining a clear and Precise Vision
8. Chain #5: Your Lack of Know-How
    You can't fly your rocket to the moon if you don't know how to fly! Discover a flight plan that gives you everything you need to know to achieve your dreams.
    Power Secret #5: Overcoming Your Lack of Know-How
9. Chain #6: Your Lack of Resources
    You can't launch your rocket all by yourself. Failure to recruit the right outside resources makes getting off the ground totally impossible.
    Power Secret #6: Overcoming Your Lack of Resources
Igniting Your Seven Booster Engines
10. Engine #1: "Henry Ford Productivity" — An Awesome Habit Anyone Can Acquire
    Henry Ford did not invent the automobile, he did something far more ingenious!
    Power Secret #7: Achieving Infinitely More in a Fraction of the Time
11. Engine #2: "Babe Ruth Power" — A Tremendous Strength Anyone Can Gain
    Turn your hits into home runs.
    Power Secret #8: Dreaming and Achieving Impossible Dreams
12. Engine #3: "Steven Spielberg Partnering" — A Multiplying Skill That Anyone Can Develop
    Remove the limits of your limited resources and multiply your potential — infinitely!
    Power Secret #9: Recruiting the Partners and Mentors of Your Dreams
13. Engine #4: "Helen Keller Positiveness" — Speeding Up Your Happiness and Success!
    Take control of the factor that determines your happiness and impacts the lives of everyone you meet.
    Power Secret #10: Igniting the Engine of Positiveness
14. Engine #5: "Earthquake Persuasiveness" — A Learnable Art Anyone Can Master
    The single key that unlocks more doors to your dreams than any other.
    Power Secret #11: Effectively and Persuasively Communicating
15. Engine #6: "Pit Bull Persistence" — An Easy Discipline Anyone Can Learn
    The secret of winning 90 percent of the time.
    Power Secret #12: Acquiring the Discipline of Winning Most of the Time
16. Engine #7: "Laser-Accurate Priority Planning" — A Dream-Achieving Routine Anyone Can Adopt
    The key to achieving more, in less time with less stress.
    Power Secret #13: Taking Control of Your Life, One Minute at a Time
Blasting Off! Destination — Your Impossible Dream
17. The Fuel For All Seven Engines: "Oprah Winfrey Passion" — A Life-Changing Choice Anyone Can Make
    Passion fuels all seven engines.
    Power Secret #14: Acquiring the Fuel of Passion
18. Igniting Your Engines
    All the power of your seven booster engines is meaningless if you don't ignite them. A single switch hidden in your heart can instantly ignite each engine!
    Power Secret #15: Flipping the Switch

Chapter One

"A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes"

Dream Conversion can make dreams come true in any area of your life.

Who can forget the opening line from the love theme in Cinderella — "A dream is a wish your heart makes." Even though Cinderella was singing about the kind of dreams you have in your sleep, her description is also true about the dreams we long for as we walk through every stage of our lives. As a boy, I dreamed of becoming an airplane pilot, a cowboy, a fireman, a policeman, a soldier, and a sailor. In college, I dreamed of romance, marriage, and a successful career. Now, I dream of more time and intimacy with my family; more varied and greater achievements, both personal and professional; and greater intimacy with God. Chances are, you're not much different from me. Our dreams may be totally different, and yet, we are alike in that no matter what we have achieved, we still have dreams that have eluded us.

Dreams Still Come True...for an Elite Few

Dreams do come true for people like Steven Spielberg, Lee Iacocca, Kathie Lee Gifford, Jane Fonda, and many other "dream achievers" whom I have come to know during my forty-eight years on this planet. People who achieve their dreams tend to be in a tiny minority...perhaps one in a million or even one in ten million. On the other hand, the vast majority of American adults not only fail to achieve their dreams, they stop dreaming altogether. Why? Why do some people seem to achieve their dreams, no matter how incredible their dreams may be, while others almost never achieve theirs? Is it simply a matter of luck? Of course not! And guess what — it's not a matter of IQ either. Neither is it a matter of education, money, or experience. So what is it?

Are You Ready for Some Great News?

So the critical question is, "How" do these dream achievers fulfill their dreams? The great news is it's not a mystery; it's an art that they have learned. Why is that great news? Because it means that you, too, regardless of your age, inexperience, IQ, education, or financial standing, can achieve your dreams. Incredible dreams...wonderful dreams! You can begin to have dreams grander than you have ever had, and see many of them come true. All you have to do is learn and use the same skills that are used by those who do achieve their dreams.

I call these skills the "Art of Dream Conversion." An art is simply a skill that enables someone to take a concept, vision, or dream and convert it into reality. Some artists are born with an innate gift that they develop; the art of Dream Conversion, however, is a set of learnable skills (strategies and techniques) that anyone can master. For a tiny minority, discovering and utilizing these skills came somewhat naturally and fairly early in life. But the vast majority of adults never even discover these skills, much less use them. Unless...unless they are taught by someone who has not only discovered them but, more important; has habitually used them and experienced their awesome power and results, I didn't begin to discover these skills until six years after I graduated from college. While those first six years were full of failure and discouragement, the years that followed the implementation of these Dream Conversion skills have been filled with phenomenal success beyond my wildest dreams.

An Important Distinction

Throughout this book I will be referring to the art of Dream Conversion or Dream Conversion and the Dream Conversion Process. When I speak of Dream Conversion or the art of Dream Conversion, I am referring to all of the strategies and techniques contained in this book. When I speak of the Dream Conversion Process, I am talking about a single strategy or technique that takes a wish or dream, defines it in writing, and creates a specific plan that gives a precise and detailed road map to achieve that wish or dream. This Dream Conversion Process is explained in detail in Chapter 10.

The Big If...and Two Promises

When people first hear my story and the impossible dreams I've seen fulfilled, they often say, "That's you...but I'm me." They think "You don't know my background" or "You don't know my circumstances" or "Nothing like that ever works for me." If I looked you in the eye right now and told you, "Your most incredible dreams can come true," what would be your first thought? Stop reading and give me your first response right now. And please give it out loud.

Was your response "Great, I can't wait to start seeing my wonderful dreams come true"? Or did you answer with a little more skepticism? Do any of the following responses capture the essence of your response?

"I don't believe you!"
"Give me a break!"
"What dreams?"
"I can't even make ends meet...much less achieve my dreams."
"You don't know my husband."
"You don't know my wife."
"You don't know how lonely I am."
"You don't know my situation."
"I'm too old."
"It's too late."
"I'm too tired."
"I don't have time to dream."
"I can't keep up."

Whether you answered with any of these, or gave any other answer, I'm going to make you two promises.

Promise #1: If you read this book, and let these skills and techniques simply remain on these pages and never incorporate them into your life...whatever you achieve in your life will only be a tiny fraction of what you could have achieved.

Promise #2: If you read this book, learn the few skills that I'm going to show you, and begin to practice them in your daily routine...I promise you will begin to dream bigger dreams and achieve more of those dreams than you would ever have imagined possible.

So, the choice is yours...leave these skills on the pages of this book and continue to achieve only a tiny fraction of the dreams you're capable of achieving, or lift the skills from the pages of this book and bring them into your life, and begin to achieve dreams you haven't yet dared to dream.

Quotes from

Whether your dreams are to start a business, lose twenty pounds, or build better relationships, they are all within your grasp. The keys are in the "Power Secrets," a set of specific strategies and techniques that enabled Steve Scott to fulfill his impossible dreams, not only in business, but in every other area of life. Along the way, he discovered that the world's most successful women and men -- such as Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Gates -- use these same techniques, including:

Comment from reader

Before I tell you how empowering this book is, I need to make it very clear to you, that it ONLY will make your impossible dreams come true, IF YOU DO the WORK.

Steven Scotts' approach to making dreams come true, small step after small step, is the one that finally did it for me. Often just setting goals is a frightning thing for many of us who are malcontent but do not know what they really want. Here we find the road-map not just to improve all aspects of our life, this is the map to have us dream big and then make the dreams reality. Scott showes us how to do all that and so much more. This book will be a classic. IT IS A CLASSIC. I have been recommending this book to everybody complaining about bad relationships, lack of money, unhappy job situations, trouble with children as well as to those who want more for themselves and their children. Make this a gift to yourself and every body whom you care about

Colby Glass, MLIS