Philosophy 1301 & Information Studies 1371 w/ Colby Glass

There are really two categories here. The first is issues that are currently being discussed in the public forum. The second is irrational beliefs and problem areas that SHOULD be discussed in the public forum. Both may be related to what's happening in the news, so be sure to keep a close eye on my Alternate News Sources. In addition, you should be considering doing something about at least one of these issues. If so, take a look at my page of suggestions, What you can do.

NATO Colonization of Balkans | U.S. War Against Iraq

Public Issues

Anti-personnel Mines
Child Soldiers
Dams: A Boon or a Boondoggle?
The Death Penalty
Refugees & Immigration
Internet Censorship & Privacy
Media Orthodoxy & Censorship
The Mexican Border
Police Brutality
Prisons & the Justice System
Social Issues (abortion, family violence, etc)
What the War on Kosovo Cost YOU
Women's Issues

Hidden Issues

Academic Freedom
Children in the U.S. Justice System
Committees make better decisions
Education as Indoctrination
Intimidation at Work
Job Interviews
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Nonviolence Movement
Patriotism is good
Professional Behavior
Sports builds character
Suppression of Dissent
Transnational Corporations (globalization)
U.S. Arms Industry
U.S. means well & fosters democracy
Warfare can be justified

Other Interesting Sites

Public Television
National Issues Convention on PBS
Paul Ehrlich and the Population Bomb
Diversity in Higher Education
State of the Union
On Being American
Arab View

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