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A variety of investigative journalists, academicians, and government analysts have published opinions which vary drastically from the official US/NATO story. Below is a list, according to them, of the REAL reasons the U.S. and NATO have started a war in Kosovo:

1. Now that the cold war is over, NATO needs a new excuse for pumping resources into the military-industrial complex. (excerpts; source)

2. The U.S. wants to control eventual Caspian oil pipeline routes between the Black Sea and the Adriatic, and extend the European influence of favored ally Turkey. (excerpts; source)

3. This war gives NATO an excuse for expanding in size, expenditures, and influence. (excerpts; source)

4. US/NATO influence in the 'devilish triangle' of the Balkans, Middle East and the Caucasus will facilitate a permanent containment of Russia and access to the oil in the Caspian Sea region. Kosovo is nothing but a pawn in that game. (excerpts; source)

5. Ever since the end of the Cold War, NATO has been busily trying to transform itself into the guarantor of stability for all of Europe and beyond. For this it needs to protect both its credibility and its vast military expenditure. (excerpts; source)

6. NATO is testing its latest weapons in Yugoslavia. (excerpts; source)

7. Both Milosevic and Clinton are engaging in terrorist activities, but Clinton is capable of killing far more people. (excerpts; source)

8. The United States is the biggest arms dealer in the world, and the Defense Secretary William Cohen spends a major portion of his time hop-skotching around the globe to line up contracts for U.S. weapons companies. Any war is a win-win situation for the war industry. (excerpts; source)

9. Yugoslavia is the fourth country -- along with Iraq, Afghanistan and the Sudan -- bombed by U.S. military forces in the past eight months. ( source)

What You Can Do

What is the war in Kosovo costing YOU?

(DOUBLE these numbers if you are married.. these are numbers for the "average" tax payer)

  1. $85.81 for bombs, bullets, fuel, actual expenses in Kosovo through September of this year.
  2. $ 1,630.49 if operating the military (salaries, etc.) is added.
  3. $ 3,250.88 if debt service for the ongoing U.S. policy of violent intervention (included in military budget) is added.
  4. A total of 43.2% of the taxes you pay each year.
  5. You worked 57 days--two months, January and February--this year for income which you gave to the government so they could bomb Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Sudan.
Question: Do our government's policies affect YOU?
You just worked two months to pay for the government's policy of foreign aggression (NOT self-defense). If you are an average taxpayer, you payed $ 3,250.88 in additional taxes to fund this one policy.

If the U.S. government stopped foreign wars, $270.8 billion dollars--a 65.6% increase--could be spent on our own citizens addressing poverty, homelessness, education, highways, housing subsidies, and healthcare.

MAYBE you should get involved. Take a look at my site, What you can do about Kosovo. In fact, you might want to address some other government policies... take a look at my other, more general, site, What You Can Do.

Some Other Costs of Kosovo

  1. Increased inflation rate--ie., your money buys less, is worth less--sort of a tax--prices go up, retired people can no longer live on their fixed incomes.
  2. The moral cost of your government killing innocent people for immoral reasons... Are you innocent if you do not speak up against this war? Are you innocent because you haven't taken the time to keep up with what is really going on? Is your silence a form of approval?
  3. If you have anyone in the military, you will soon be burying dead relatives.
  4. The formation and encouragement of a society which increasingly resorts to violence as the answer to all disagreements.

For more details, particularly on how these numbers were reached, see my article, What is Kosovo Costing YOU?.

Ready to get involved? Click on this:

What You Can Do

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What You Can Do

Inconsistencies in the Official Story

What is the REAL reason we are bombing Kosovo? There were three reasons given by the President in his speech the night it began:
  1. Stop the genocide the Serbians are committing against Albanian Muslims
  2. Domino theory... violence might escalate to neighboring areas
  3. Credibility of NATO

The following, based on statements by reliable analysts and news investigators, seem to be closer to the truth: The analysists I have heard or read (James Dunnigan, for instance, with NBC) say the following:

  1. No genocide is happening. According to James Dunnigan, an long-time author and analyst for NBC, there have only been a few hundred civilian deaths in the region in the last YEAR--these have been mostly accidents related to the war. The TOTAL killed in the last year is 2,000, almost all of which were soldiers. There have been atrocities committed by both sides.
  2. Violence escalated when NATO removed the peacekeepers from the area. NATO bombing has escalated the violence further, both in Kosovo and in surrounding countries.
  3. Make NATO believable is an acceptable reason to initiate the butchery of warfare?

Another interesting fact... the U.S. has had an embargo on Kosovo in place for years. The purpose has been to prevent Albanians from purchasing arms to protect themselves. It has, however, been selling arms to the Serbs.

Notice the constant use of the phrase "support our troops"? Take another look at the article by Noam Chomsky, Media Control, and what he says about the phrase "support our troops."

"The enormous gap between what U.S. leaders do in the world and what Americans think their leaders are doing is one of the great propaganda accomplishments of the dominant political mythology."

Michael Parenti, political
scientist and author

Inconsistencies in Official Behavior

Read the following excerpt from an article by Dave McReynolds on NATO/Kosovo:

NATO is taking exactly the position regarding Kosovo that it opposes when it comes to Turkey, where the Turkish Kurds are asking for precisely the same thing as the Albanians in Kosovo - self- determination. In Turkey we oppose the Kurdish demand because Turkey is a NATO ally. In Kosovo we support the drive for self-determination because the U.S. wants to weaken Milosevic - and he isn't in NATO.

Terrible tragedies have occurred in both situations - but because Turkey is a NATO ally we hear very little about Turkish atrocities against the Kurds. Only on the Iraqi side has the U.S. established a "no fly zone" to help the Kurds - because in Iraq, we want Saddam weakened.

" With unfailing consistancy, U.S. intervention has been on the side of the rich and powerful of various nations at the expense of the poor and needy. Rather than strengthening democracies, U.S. leaders have overthrown numerous democratically elected governments or other populist regimes in dozens of countries ... whenever these nations give evidence of putting the interests of their people ahead of the interests of multinational corporate interests."

Michael Parenti, political scientist

"..the United States has consistantly supported right-wing anti-democratic governments against popular reformist governments -- in Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Brazil, Haiti, Panama, Cuba, Costa Rica, Granada, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Chile, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Mozambique, Angola, Congo, South Africa, Indonesia, Philippines" ( Third World Traveler).

"There is no reason to accept the doctrines crafted to sustain power and privilege, or to believe that we are constrained by mysterious and unknown social laws. These are simply decisions made within institutions that are subject to human will and that must face the test of legitimacy. And if they do not meet the test, they can be replaced by other institutions that are more free and more just, as has happened often in the past."

Noam Chomsky

Do the above answers seem wrong to you? A bit too outrageous?

If so, you need to familiarize yourself with the long history of U.S. aggression for economic reasons and the suppression of the truth by the major media. Read the following books, or at least some of the excerpts I have placed on the Web:

Deterring Democracy, by Noam Chomsky. Chomsky carefully documents the history of U.S. aggression against areas it considers pseudo-colonies, areas which are meant to produce maximum profits for American elites.

Against Empire, by Michael Parenti. focuses on exposing the agenda and costs of U. S. expansion in the world and documents the lies used to justify violent intervention in world politics, considering how economics plays into political decision-making process...

A People's History of the United States, by Howard Zinn. Consistently lauded for its lively, readable prose, this revised and updated edition of A People's History of the United States turns traditional textbook history on its head. Howard Zinn infuses the often-submerged voices of blacks, women, American Indians, war resisters, and poor laborers of all nationalities into this thorough narrative that spans American history from Christopher Columbus's arrival to an afterword on the Clinton presidency.

20 Years of Censored News, by Carl Jensen. All the news that didn't make the news--from two decades of bird-dogging the media! Here are over 200 of the most censored and vital news stories that were largely neglected by the mass media when they were timely, and what has happened to them since. Jensen not only reports on the issues behind the news stories, but he follows the stories behind the stories, analyzing the ways in which corporate capitalism, "herd mentality", and laziness combine to influence and direct levels of media involvement.

Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Textbook Got Wrong, by James W. Loewen. Shows how the history textbooks used in the nation's classrooms are marred by reactionary patriotism and falsehoods and offers a revised chronicle of U.S. history that restores suppressed or ignored information.

Who Will Tell the People, by William Greider. A bestselling expose of political power and public deception that reveals a government that ignores popular will and responds instead to the interests of major organizations and influential elites. A call to action that shows how readers can regain control and reinstate democracy.

Secrets of the Temple : How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country, by William Greider.

Secrets of the Federal Reserve, by Eustace Clarence Mullins. The greatest financial monopoly the world has ever known, is also responsible for worldwide moral decay, world wars, financial panics and revolutions. Comment from bobcandbooch@juno.com: Did you know that the Federal Reserve is not really part of the Federal Government? It is owned and controlled by private stockholders and you can't buy any shares. There is no listing under the government section in the phone book. There's a listing in the white pages, look for yourself. This book will show you a history that the publications of the "Fed" fail to reveal. You will learn how both sides of WWI were financed by the same people and how these people financed the Russian revolution that brought down the Czar. You will learn how the stock market crash of '29 and the great depression were not accidents. Learn about the phony national debt that is legally binding upon us. If you want to read a well documented history you probably didn't learn in the public fool [sic] system then this is a must read.

The Shadows of Power : The Council on Foreign Relations and the American Decline, by James Perloff. This book could be titled " Suppressed American History of the 20th Century." Perloff traces the history of the American Establishment, through its political arm, the Council on Foreign Relations. The aims of the CFR and the Establishment are clear - a World Government, removal of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. What is more frightening is the Establishment control of the media and education. Please read this book! You will never watch the news the same way again.

Finally, to end with a bit of humor:


White House - "President Clinton announced today an all out bombing offensive against England will begin in two weeks, unless a peace accord is ratifiedby England and its break-away province of Northern Ireland.

"Using the fine logic we crafted in the Kosovo intervention, we have decided to add, incrementally, to the list of peace initiatives around the world," he said in a prepared statement. A background briefing indicated that on a weekly schedule, the Clinton administration would intervene in the following areas:

Week 1 - Bombing of England to free Northern Ireland
Week 2 - Bombing of Ankara, Baghdad and Teheran to free Kurds.
Week 3 - Bombing of Africa to stop Hutus from killing Tutsis.
Week 4 - Bombing of Istanbul and Athens to fix the Cyprus problem
Week 5 - Bombing of Madrid to free the Basque Country.
Week 6 - Bombing of Ottawa to free the Quèbècois.
Week 7 - Bombing of Jakarta to free the Timor Islands
Week 8 - Bombing of New Delhi to free the Tamils of Sri Lanka
Week 9 - Bombing of Paris to free Corsica
Week 10 Bombing of Washington, D.C. to free the Confederate of Southern States, held captive for 139 years.

"This schedule will do until we can come up with others and NATO peacekeepers will be deployed everywhere," said Madeleine Albright, Secretary of State. She did not respond when asked when the bombing of Beijing in order to free Tibet would occur.


("Give me a break!")

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