What's REALLY Happening in Kosovo?
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What is the war in Kosovo costing YOU?

(DOUBLE these numbers if you are married)

  1. Just for war materials until September, an average of $85.81 for each adult in the country.

  2. If you add in the operating cost of the military it is an average of $ 1,630.49 per person.

  3. If you also add in the debt in the budget because of past U.S. military interventions outside the country, for which we are still paying, it amounts to $ 3,250.88 per person.

  4. 43.2% of the taxes you pay.

  5. You worked 57 days--two months--for income which you gave to the government so they could bomb Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Sudan.
(more costs listed below)

Question: Do our government's policies affect YOU?
You just worked two months to pay for the government's policy of foreign aggression (NOT self-defense). If you are an average taxpayer, you payed $ 3,250.88 in additional taxes to fund this one policy.

If the U.S. government stopped foreign wars, $1,012.06 could be returned to every man, woman, and child in the country, every year! What do you think that could do for poverty, homelessness, education?

If the U.S. government stopped foreign wars, $270.8 billion dollars--a 65.6% increase--could be spent on our own citizens addressing poverty, homelessness, education, highways, housing subsidies, and healthcare.

MAYBE you should get involved. Take a look at my site, What you can do about Kosovo. In fact, you might want to address some other government policies... take a look at my other, more general, site, What You Can Do.

Some Other Costs of Kosovo

  1. Increased inflation rate--ie., your money buys less, is worth less--sort of a tax--prices go up, retired people can no longer live on their fixed incomes.

  2. The moral cost of your government killing innocent people for immoral reasons.

  3. If you have anyone in the military, you will soon be burying dead relatives.

  4. A society which increasingly resorts to violence as the answer to all disagreements.

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