Life Mapping

A Unique Approach to Finding Your Vision and Reaching Your Potential
by Bill Cohen

William Morrow & Company; ISBN: 0688155731 review

This is a practical, proven, hands-on program for discovering and using the true values and inner power that are the keys to a better, happier life.

What's the most important thing you will do in your lifetime? Make that first million? Raise a happy family? Find the cure for cancer? Each is a fine goal, but how do you know that it will bring you happiness?

Bill Cohen, creator and teacher of a popular course called Life Mapping, shows us how to achieve personal fulfillment in our lives. In an era when it seems that few people take responsibility for their own actions, this book asserts that only by embracing responsibility can we find vital, satisfying answers -- and goes on to demonstrate step by step a practical program for identifying and removing the conflicts that separate us from our true selves. Developed over sixteen years, Life Mapping is an effective technique for determining our real beliefs and principles and then matching them to appropriate goals that support rather than undermine the integrity and spiritual power that is inherent in everyone. The author guides us through the entire process of creating unique, individualized Life Maps based on our own natures. Each one is different; this is no cookie-cutter prescription. But it isn't hard and it has already helped thousands to plan and organize their lives better, and find the balance and satisfaction that seem so elusive in the modern world.

Colby Glass, MLIS