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Society of the Mind
by Eric L. Harry. Harper Collins, 1996

Note: The following are notes from the above book. I found the book seminal, eye-opening, life-changing. I recommend that you buy and read the entire book. Only by reading the entire book will you get the whole picture. The following quotes, I hope, will whet your appetite. --Colby Glass

[Society of the Mind] will keep you spellbound til the very end--parallels will be drawn to Michael Crichton." --Dallas Morning News

From the Publisher

A chilling cyberthriller about a brilliant--and beautiful-- psychologist trapped in a web of futuristic terror.

When Dr. Laura Aldridge, a young Harvard psychology professor, is offered one million dollars by billionaire computer-genius and inventor Joseph Gray to assist on a mysterious project, she leaves her comfortable existence to live on his beautiful island in the South Pacific. The centerpiece of his world empire is a massive, artificially intelligent neurocomputer buried deep under the island. Its life has grown troubled and Laura must psychoanalyze and cure Gray's all-too-human computer before its malfunctions lead to global catastrophe. What she learns is information that some men--and governments--would kill to keep from being exposed.

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by Colby Glass, MLIS.

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