Quiz 2

Readings through Chapter 2

Please write the number of the correct answer after each number of the question on a lined piece of paper. Please place your name and the date at the top of the page before turning it in. Thank you...

    1. Please match the following:

    a. Plato

    b. Aristotle

    c. Democritus

    d. Pragmatists

    e. Ontology

    ___ 1. Materialism-there is no form, only matter.

    ___ 2. What is real is what works.

    ___ 3. Realism-form is inherent in matter, in each Individual thing.

    ___ 4. The study of what is real.

    ___ 5. Idealism-form is more perfect than matter and exists separately.


    2. Please match the following:

    a. Ch'i

    b. Yin and Yang

    c. Tao

    d. Syllogism

    e. forms

    ___ 1. Energy of the Cosmos.

    ___ 2. Two premises and a conclusion.

    ___ 3. Two inseparable aspects of reality.

    ___ 4. Perfect prototypes existing separately from matter.

    ___ 5. The one great unity of reality.

    3. The purpose of debates in class is (choose one)

    1. To win the argument.
    2. To beat the tar out of the other team.
    3. To explore both sides of an issue completely.
    4. To feel warm and fuzzy inside.
    5. To explore the political ramifications of meta-analysis.

    Note: Each wrong answer costs 9 points.

    by Colby Glass, MLIS.

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