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Here is a sampling of what is being ignored and/or censored by the major media. These stories come from my Alternate News Sources. I may not cover YOUR areas of interest, so I recommend that you go to the alternate news sources and find your concerns. -Colby Glass, Associate Professor of Information Studies, Palo Alto College

Black History Month... NOT!

"Filmmaker Spike Lee castigates typical Black History Month programming as lightweight infomercials about "a thousand uses of the peanut." ..the sluggish efforts by networks to increase TV diversity are not enough that the media, black and white, must acknowledge the social and political struggles that have shaped black history."

Internet Freedom

How free will the Internet be when Washington starts taxing it? Here are some articles and resources to review:

Electronic Policy Network
Cyber-Liberties @ ACLU
To Tax or Not to Tax Internet Transactions
Digital Freedom Network
Who will tax the web?
Citizens for Tax Justice
Citizens for an Alternative Tax System
Americans for Tax Reform
Tax Foundation
Tax Reform NOW!
Fight Internet Taxes, ATR
Fight Internet Taxes, e-freedom org
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Stop the Gore tax on your phone bill
What else should we address with the Internet? Here's a list:

What you can do about bandwidth
Open source software

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