Success Is a Choice:

Ten Steps to Overachieving in Business and Life
by Rick Pitino with Bill Reynolds

Broadway Books; ISBN: 0553066684

"By aiming higher and working harder than ever before, you can reach a level of success greater than you ever dared dream. Pitino, head coach of the Boston Celtics basketball team, teaches you how to build self-esteem; set goals; adopt a positive attitude to accomplish what you want; and even turn stress and adversity to your advantage" (review by BOMC).

Reader Comments from

The book is full of sound principles that can be used in any walk of life. While the underlying theme that success is a choice is simplistic and easily understandable, actually choosing a positive attitude in your everyday life is one of those things that is easier said than done, and the inspirational stories that Pitino tells from his experiences in the book are fuel for anyone's motivational fire and help make choosing and maintaining the positive attitude that is necessary for success an easier choice to make. I would rate this book right up there with the best self-help books of all time like those by Dale Carnegie and Stephen Covey.

Colby Glass, MLIS