Spring, 2000

Possible Topics:

  1. The minimum driving age should be raised to eighteen.
  2. Parents should be allowed to spank their kid.. lots.
  3. Prayer should be allowed in schools.
  4. Government should legislate issues of child custody.
  5. Women should sell their eggs.
  6. It's okay to clone human beings.
  7. Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children.
  8. Every child should be supplied with equal resources for their education.
  9. Schools should be teaching to the TAAS, rather than focusing on a basic curriculum.

Preparation for debates

The last topic--should women be allowed to be priests--was used as a "practice" topic. Here is the result:


Equal rights...... tradition.
Can receive death penalty, so why not priests?
Women are more sympathetic...... They're too sympathetic
Women are smarter...... Actually, men are smarter.
Women are more practical (for management)..... just an opinion
There's a shortage of priests....


Tradition..... times change
Women don't have equal souls..... can't help being better
Women have PMS; subject to mood swings..... medically correctable
Men can't be nuns...... times change
Pope doesn't want it that way..... the congregation wants it (compare to recent changes to accomodate congregations)
Church law forbids it.... majority rule (see above)

Spring, 1999

Possible Topics:

  1. Gun control
  2. Needle exchange programs
  3. Lie detector tests
  4. Kevorkian, the right to die
  5. Don't ask, don't tell
  6. Women's rights, personal
  7. Cellular telephones while driving
  8. Banned books; censorship -- the Boerne controversy..
  9. Charity, Is it a responsibility?

by Colby Glass