Trilateral Commission

"Description - A reference describing the Trilateral Commission (TC) states: "Formed 1973 by private citizens of Western Europe, Japan and North America to encourage closer co-operation among these regions on matters of common concern; by analysis of major issues the Commission seeks to improve public understanding of such problems, to develop and support proposals for handling them jointly, and to nurture the habit of working together in the 'trilateral' area." TC has off ices in New York City, Paris and Tokyo. continuing; "The Commission issues 'task force' reports on such subjects as monetary affairs, political co-operation, trade issues, the energy crisis and reform of international institutions." The Trilateral Commission claims about 300 members; "...individuals eminent in academic life, industry, finance, labour, etc.; those currently engaged as senior government officials are excluded." (Sources: The Europa World Year Book 1995, bio pages, Who's Who 1995 and, International Who's Who, 1994-1995)." (taken from Viking Phoenix,

"The Trilateral Commission stated that "The effective operation of a democratic political system usually requires some measure of apathy and noninvolvement on the part of some individuals and groups." "...secrecy and deception...are...inescapable attributes of...government." as it tried to "solve" the "crisis" caused by an "excess of democracy" in the 1960s" (from review of book by Holly Sklar at

How to explain the subtle interdependence of the industrial north with the third world? In 1991 business observer Doug Henwood tried: "...each member of the Triad has gathered under itself a handful of poor countries to act as sweatshops, plantations, and mines: the US has Latin America; the EC, Eastern and Southern Europe and Africa; and Japan, Southeast Asia." (from review of book by Holly Sklar at

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